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Is Vinted in the UK?

No, Vinted does not ship to the UK, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Vinted order shipped to the UK with zero headaches.

Where is Vinted based?

Today, more than 1000 people work at Vinted to help the world sell, buy, and swap second-hand wardrobe items. Our team spans countries and cultural backgrounds, just like our members do. Vinted’s offices are based in Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, and Utrecht.

Why can’t I make a Vinted account?

You might need to provide an ID proof to the Vinted team. We might need to verify your account with a phone verification. Your account might be blocked. Contact our team to know more.

Is Vinted used in USA?

European second-hand clothing platform Vinted has revealed a rejuvenation of its mobile app for the US market, with the goal of improving its buyer and seller experience in the region.

Can I get scammed on Vinted?

The reason why there are scammers on Vinted is because Vinted works hard to have users who actively use their platform and this means that they have purchases and sales and can buy from you.

Can Vinted be trusted?

Vinted has a consumer rating of 1.42 stars from 236 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Vinted most frequently mention customer service, bank account and buyer protection problems. Vinted ranks 36th among Used Clothing sites.

Is Vinted really free?

In fact, selling on Vinted is completely free! Many other platforms such as eBay, Poshmark or ThredUp are charging its sellers for helping them facilitate transactions. Additionally, Vinted has two other monetization streams, which are: Closet Spotlight.

Why do people use Vinted?

Although many users do have both apps, Vinted is very Europe centric – and is most popular in France. The Vinted app makes it very easy for people just looking to sell casually rather than creating a business account, unlike Depop.

What percentage does Vinted take?

Shop with peace of mind

This helps safeguard your money, adding an extra layer of protection to your purchases and keeping your information secure. The cost is 3–8% of the item price (before postage) plus £0.30–0.80.

Does Vinted take a fee?

There are no fees for uploading your items or selling them on Vinted. This means once your sale is successfully closed, you’ll receive the full selling price straight to your Vinted Balance. Start selling!

How do you buy on Vinted?

You can enjoy a treasure you found on Vinted as your own in just a few steps:
  1. Find an item you like. Browse the catalogue or news feed to find something you’d like to buy. …
  2. Contact the seller. …
  3. Pay for the item. …
  4. Receive your item.

How do I join Vinted?

There are 4 ways to sign up on Vinted: Via Facebook. Via Email. Via Google account.

Follow these tips:
  1. Make sure that you don’t already have a Vinted account under the same email or Facebook profile.
  2. Check your email address for typos.
  3. Make sure you’ve ticked the box ‘I accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy’.

Who pays shipping on Vinted?

Generally, buyers cover the shipping costs. The shipping cost is shown at checkout, and it’s automatically added to the total payment for the order.

Does Vinted show sold items?

How do I see what I’m selling on Vinted? Visit your profile! There you can see all your listings, including all of your sold listings. It shows your current listings first and then your sold items at the end.

How does Vinted make their money?

The company makes money via its buyer protection service. The buyer pays a fee to Vinted in exchange for services like customer support, insurance, and tracked shipping; Shipping costs; Wardrobe Spotlight (helping users boost the visibility of their items).