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How do I send a parcel with InPost?

Either generate and print an in-post label online or if a pre-printed label was supplied with your purchase. Simply attach it to your parcel.

Who are InPost UK?

Who are InPost? InPost offers the leading locker delivery service – you can have your parcel delivered to one of their lockers located in a secure and accessible public place and, thanks to their automated security system, can be accessed at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

What is InPost locker?

InPost Parcel Lockers are a system of postal deposit boxes, which can be used to collect packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – conveniently, along the way, at a convenient time. Parcel Lockers are usually located in easily accessible places: near shops and gas stations.

Is InPost same as Hermes?

Hermes UK is to introduce InPost parcel lockers in its nationwide ParcelShop network. The news follows a partnership agreement with InPost. This move is designed to further improve Hermes’ customer proposition and will be offered to retail customers who are integrated with Hermes at no additional cost.

Can you take InPost to Hermes ParcelShop?

About Hermes ParcelShop

Parcels must be dropped in at one of many local convenience stores in your area or your nearest InPost locker. This service is suitable for smaller parcels and packets up to 15kg.

Does InPost need a label?

No label printing and none of the usual queues. All customers do is scan and drop. 24/7 availability in locations designed to fit in with everyday life. An easy, self-service process brings the same reliable experience with every return.

Does InPost deliver to home?

Parcels can be dropped off in secure and accessible lockers any time of day, seven days a week. The parcel is then picked up by the courier and delivered to the recipient’s doorstep, within a 48Hr delivery window.

Which companies use InPost lockers?

The lockers can be used to collect online orders from a number of different retailers including Boohoo, Missguided and Holland & Barrett. They can also be used to return orders or post items through courier services including Hermes.

How long does InPost take to deliver?

The declared shipment delivery time is 1-2 business days from the date of posting. Detailed information on delivery times is specified in the Terms and Conditions of individual services.

How do you use InPost locker collection?

Choose InPost at checkout
  1. It’s on the way. Our delivery service will drop your parcel at your chosen locker.
  2. Ready to collect. You’ll be sent a text and email with a collection code when the parcel is ready to be collected.
  3. Get scanning.

What size are InPost lockers?

Parcel Locker shipment

A package in the shape of a cube with dimensions of: Size A – maximum dimensions 8 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg. Size B – maximum dimensions 19 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg.

How often do InPost lockers get collected?

Locker collections take place the working day following the parcel being dropped off. Should this be a Friday or a weekend this means that your parcel will not be collected until the Monday. Your parcel will then be delivered within 2-3 working days of being collected from the locker.